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Mac Repairs Adelaide
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slow mac repair

Slow Mac

My Mac takes forever to do anything, it’s slow and unresponsive. I start my Mac and can make 3 cups of coffee before it loads into Mac OS, even then I can’t use it.
mac white screen repair

Mac White Screen

My Mac switches on but only loads to a White screen and nothing else. Sometimes there’s a mouse pointer that may or may not move.

Mac Swirling Circle

My Mac tries to load but only gets to a cursor that swirls round and round. I’ve tried to restart it numerous times but it won’t go away and won’t load into Mac OS

Liquid Damage

I split liquid on my MAC.
Water, Wine or Coffee. I can’t use it. Could you fix it? And recover my data?

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A Huge Number of Mac Computers Have No Anti-Virus


Macs without antivirus are easy targets.

mac data recovery

Mac Data Recovery

Help me, I deleted something I needed and emptied the recycle bin. My Mac hard drive has died and I need Data Recovery.
Mac Virus

Mac Virus

The internet is slow. My Mac keeps getting pop ups from websites I’ve never visited. My internet also often doesn’t load and when it does I get directed to nasty sites.
Mac Question Mark Fix

Mac Question Mark

My Mac turns on and seems to start loading but a folder appears in the middle of the screen with a “Question Mark” inside it.

You drive your computer as much or even more than your car.

How often do you service your car?

Mac Swirling Cursor

My Mac try’s to load but only gets to a cursor that swirls round and round. I’ve tried to restart it numerous times but it won’t go away and wont load into Mac OS

Mac Video Issues

My Mac display or screen has different coloured lines going through it, the screen shakes and may even go blank or switch off. I may be able see my Mac load but it’s very Dark and almost unusable.
mac touch pad repair

Mac Touch Pad

My Mac touch pad doesn’t work. I’ve tried to turn it on in software settings and through the keyboard but the cursor will not move.
Mac touch pad jumping repair

Mac Jumping Touch Pad

My Mac Cursor keeps jumping over the screen. My cursor also not smooth and accurate, running it across my wallpaper.
mac screen repair

Mac Cracked Screen

My Mac has a cracked glass front screen its usable but gets difficult to work with some applications.
mac power supply repair

Mac Power Issues

My Mac wont switch on. I’ve checked the power cable; the charging light is on but still the Mac has no signal. My Mac won’t hold charge.