PC Repairs – Common PC Problems

slow mac repair

Slow PC

My PC is a DOG! It takes forever to do anything, it’s slow and unresponsive. I start my PC go for a run, come back and it is still loading the system programs. We can help. Upgrade your computer to a new SSD hard drive and get a wicked fast computer.

PC Blue Screen

Getting the blue screen of death? Is your system crashing all the time, we can help. Sometimes there are update conflicts that can be sorted and bring system stability back to your PC.

PC Just Shows Loading Icon

My PC try’s to load but it hangs forever, crashes sometimes or loads after ages of my cursor that swirling round and round. I’ve tried to restart it numerous times to refresh and close whatever program was hanging but it keeps doing it.

Are You Protected? Do you have anti-virus? Is it

updated? Is it configured properly?


Get Anti Virus Protection Today

Without a properly configured antivirus you are vulnerable.

mac data recovery

Lost Data

Help me, I deleted something I needed and emptied the recycle bin. We might be able to help. My computer hard drive has died and I need Data Recovery.

Mac Virus

PC Virus

The internet is slow. My PC keeps getting pop ups from websites I’ve never visited. My home page has changed when I open Google and it keeps telling me I won something. My internet also often doesn’t load and when it does I get directed to sites I didn’t look for or ask for.

mac touch pad repair

Touch Pad

My touch pad doesn’t work. I’ve tried to turn it on in software settings and through the keyboard but the cursor will not move.

Mac touch pad jumping repair

Touch Pad Jumping

My PC Cursor keeps jumping over the screen. My cursor also not smooth and accurate, running it across my wallpaper.

mac screen repair

Cracked Screen

My laptop has a cracked glass front screen its usable but gets difficult to work with some applications.

mac power supply repair

Power Issues

My PC wont switch on. I’ve checked the power cable; the charging light is on but still the PC has no signal. My PC won’t hold charge. The battery only lasts 20 minutes. Help.