iPad Repairs and Servicing – Common iPad Problems

Cracked iPad Screen

Is your iPad screen cracked or broken? Save your fingers and get it replaced.

iPad Slow

Is your iPad slow and unresponsive? Does it crash frequently on games, when browsing or streaming videos?

iPad Charge Port Broken

Cannot charge your iPad? We can replace or repair the iPad charging port and bring your iPad back to life.

iPad Disabled or Forgotten Password

Are you locked out of your iPad? Does your iPad screen say “iPad Disabled” – we can help.

iPad Resetting

Do you need to reset your iPad? We can help get your iPad set up or reset specifically for you as a completely clean iPad with no history to you.

iPad Battery Replacement

Does your iPad die after 5 minutes of use? Could be that your battery is fried. We can help replace your iPad batter y or remedy the cause..

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