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Please note that despite drying your Mac and even if it powers on after it has dried there may well be damage within that needs to be addressed or future issues.

When liquid is spilled directly on top of the keyboard or Trackpad.

After leaving the computer to dry you find either it won’t turn on or it starts up but some keys won’t work.

In both case the solution is usually to clean all the component and replace the keyboard or trackpad.

When the liquid has enter from the back vent or from the sides

If the computer show no sign of power then normally logic board (Main Board) is damaged. This board is the most expensive part.

Book Your Mac in for a Liquid Damage Repair

This shows you how much Liquid was in a Mac 24 hours after the Liquid was spilled on it. Despite drying the Mac, this client came in and informed us that she has spilled a “little” Liquid on the table that the Mac was sitting on. It was brought in 24 hours later and when we removed the case this is how much Liquid was still on the battery and components. Turning this Mac on would potentially have damaged it.

Mac Liquid Damage

Help! I spilled water, milk or some liquid on my Mac!

  • Turn off the computer and unplug the battery and A/C adaptor.
  • With the lid open, turn the computer upside down to stop the liquid from traveling deeper into the other parts.
  • Wipe up the liquid using paper towels or toilet paper.
  • DO NOT use a hair dryer,as this will melt some of the plastic components.
  • DO NOT switch the computer on.
  • Contact Us to book your Mac in for a Liquid Check – it’s a free quote – this will ensure the internal components will not become damaged over time.

Book Your Mac in for a Free Liquid Check

As you can see here, this is a Mac that had Liquid spilled on it. Over time this will corrode the logic board which then requires a major repair or the machine will stop functioning properly, could over heat or cause other issues. Get your Mac repair properly after you’ve had Liquid damage to it.

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